Adrian did a phenomenal job on my apartment renovation. When we spoke about the job, he asked good questions to understand my needs and goals. He made good suggestions on what I should and shouldn’t do and how to get a great outcome at a great price. He made the process seamless and executed it flawlessly to get the job done on time and budget. He was clean, organized, thorough, and transparent in everything he did. He exceeded expectations, and everything turned out beautifully! 

  • James Conigliaro

Working with Adrian made a difficult transition extremely smooth and easy. I had to sell my family home of 50+ years, and Adrian was there every step of the way. My challenge was a house that had not been updated since 1970 and that I lived 500 miles from NY. Adrian managed updates to make the house ready for selling: painting, updating lighting fixtures, and removing old carpeting and such hardwood floors came to life. He ensured the house was extra cleaned, staged, and photographed. He has a tremendous personable touch with interested buyers and ensured we had enough open houses to show off. He met with buyers at crazy times to accommodate their schedules. He hunted down old permits, worked with my estate lawyer, and helped me move and sell furniture. What I like best about working with Adrian is that he is highly solution-driven. I’ve always felt that no matter the issue, he wants to help and make everything easy. I highly recommend him and would happily hire him again.

  • Andrea Pinto, Merrick, NY

Becoming a first-time homeowner is one of the most exciting times in one’s life. As soon as we closed on our house, we handed Adrian the keys, and he painted our three bedrooms for us. He did a fantastic job and left the rooms super clean, enabling us to move right in as soon as the moving trucks arrived! I can’t recommend Adrian Fidalgo (of Altered Perspective Realty) highly enough. He has amazing hands-on experience with building management and home renovations. I refer him to all of my friends. 

  • Kara & James Turner, Larchmont, NY

I recently bought my first home here in Brooklyn, and the process freaked me out from start to finish. My buyer broker was Adrian Fidalgo, and he helped me through that process, making my life much easier. Through this, I realized he was a project manager, so I hired him to manage the renovation that was needed on my house, which turned out to be quite a bit. He worked with my contractor and their subs to ensure everything was done properly and promptly. This was also my first experience with a contractor, and they were very difficult, so if Adrian was not on board, I do not know how I would’ve been able to get through the entire process. And since I lived a bit of a distance away from the new property and could not be present for a large portion of the time, it was very helpful to have his eyes and input on the project the entire time it took to get through everything for us to be able to move in. He knew when to be aggressive when they were slacking and could get them back on track for me. And honestly, without Adrian, I feel like the project would’ve never been finished, and I would’ve been hugely ripped off by my contractor. So, my wife and I are grateful to have had him on board with purchasing and renovating our first home!

  • Brian Emrich, Brooklyn, NY

My husband and I enjoyed working with Adrian as we searched for our forever home. I found Adrian to be knowledgeable, courteous, patient, passionate, and very accommodating. During our search, I was eight months pregnant, and my husband, being in the military, was away on duty. Adrian went above and beyond to assist, ensuring that inspections were done, worked with our bank to ensure that paperwork was submitted promptly, and provided invaluable advance, relieving lots of stress, which were greatly appreciated as I prepared to welcome my little one. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with our home, which we knew we wouldn’t have gotten without Adrian’s hard work and experience. Highly recommended!

  • Latoya & Justin Roberts, Lynbrook NY

Adrian Fidalgo (of Altered Perspective Realty) helped me complete a full gut renovation of my two-bedroom, two-bathroom, two-story home in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, in early 2015. After dealing with the recent loss of a very close family member, the task of completing the gut-reno was terrifying. And I had never executed a large-scale renovation before. “This was, hands down, the most stressful period of my life. Upon meeting Adrian on day one, I knew he was the person I wanted to work with. He all but held my hand while guiding me through the entire 4-month renovation. My husband and I work full-time, so we needed someone to schedule and organize tradesmen, deal with vendors, oversee workers, and receive deliveries. Adrian did all that, plus some. He was with me for vendor appointments and helped me select materials and fixtures for the home. He stressed countless major and minor details so I didn’t have to. I immediately saw his pride in his work: “he saw my project as his project. It felt like my home’s timely and flawless completion was just as substantial to him as it was to me. He was easy to work with, professional, and efficient, but tough with vendors and tradesmen when I needed him to be. When the project started, I didn’t realize how important it would be to enjoy the company of my project manager. I worked closely with Adrian for four months, “talking, texting, and/or meeting with him almost daily. In hindsight, he turned a stressful period of my life into a, dare I say, experience. Frankly, I am so glad it is over, and if I never do a gut reno for as long as I live, it will be too soon. But now I live in the home of my dreams, and I feel like I’ve gained a personal friend. Thanks, Adrian!!

  • Jen & Josh Sadel, Brooklyn, NY

I’ve had the good fortune to know Adrian for 20+ years and highly recommend his company. During that time, he worked for me on many jobs, from interior home improvements to finding suitable housing. He is very solution-driven and has a highly personal touch. He always makes himself available for me during a job and ensures that his results exceed my expectations. It would be difficult to find someone who knows the real estate business as well as Adrian but who also cares as much about his clients.

  • Andrea Pinto, Cleveland, OH

Adrian is a perfectionist professional with whom I had the chance to work. He has been truly involved with buying this property in 2016, making the home improvements(that was a lot of listing and finding suitable buyers), and selling the house in 2018. He has been keeping me updated, giving smart recommendations, and being hands-on with managing the requirements. He has been giving me honest opinions, and I felt like I was working with family. I highly recommend him and would be more than happy to work with him any time.

  • Tannaz Shoja, Valley Stream NY