With nearly 35+ years of extensive real estate experience, Altered Perspective Realty Founder Adrian Fidalgo understands asset, construction, property, facilities, and operations management from all perspectives. His unique background includes regional asset, property management, and sales positions with American Property Financing, RPS, and other mortgage, investment, and realty firms. He has managed high-end portfolios and righted the ship on failing properties nationwide in New York, California, and other regions.

At Altered Perspective, he guides small-to-large investors and select single homebuyers through finding, purchasing, and renovating properties. Return on investment is essential. However, Adrian also values the personal aspect of property management and believes that getting to know the residents of his properties and addressing their needs is good for business, too.

The Value of Leadership, Sales and Maintenance

With years of leadership experience, Adrian has recruited and trained high-performance personnel in onsite leasing, management, and maintenance. He continues refining the art of presenting properties, negotiating with potential investors, and selling commercial and residential assets. He understands many essential but often neglected aspects of productive asset and property management. He has mastered presenting properties and negotiating with potential investors, including maximizing occupancy, decreasing operating expenses, increasing resident retention, improving rent collection, and boosting property values with minimal investment.

Adrian complements his presentation skills with a thorough understanding of the intricate budgeting and financing process involved in purchasing property, including all the guidelines and compliance issues associated with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac financing and conduit lender compliance for income-producing commercial properties.

Optimizing High-End Portfolios, Reviving Distressed Properties

A few of Adrian’s career highlights include managing a $2.5 billion multi-family and commercial portfolio across the Northeast, closing $22 million in loans as a mortgage broker, managing a 1,800-unit portfolio in California and North Carolina, and expanding a $3.5 billion portfolio encompassing the West Coast, Southwest, and Southeast regions of the U.S.

Above all, Adrian has consistently shown a willingness to make tough but necessary decisions, repositioning properties through management replacement or foreclosure when necessary, and has a history of dramatically increasing property values and rentals in challenging markets. Now, he applies this practical approach to the services he offers select clients at Altered Perspective Realty.

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